Frequently Asked Questions

Are we allowed to bring our own food to your parties?

You are more than welcome to bring a cake but we rarely have the time to eat any food other than our delicious Chocolate Fountain.

Do you have a toilet on your premises?

Our toilet is situated up one flight of stairs and it is the parents responsibility to supervise the children when using the toilet

What is the maximum number we can have on a kids party?

The prices for our Parties are based on 10 children but we can fit more in. A comfortable number is 12 and the extra children are charged at £12 per head for the Fairy-tale and Blocks party, £14 per head for the Ultimate chocolate party.

Do we have to stay with our children for the Party and workshops?

For the workshops we require a responsible adult to stay with all children under 16 years old. We do have a waiting area you can sit and enjoy a coffee or you can help your child should they need help or join in yourself.

For the Parties we require at least 2 adults to stay and they are responsible for the children taking part.

Do you provide Party bags?

No, all the chocolate creations are put into a bag so that can act as your party bag.

Do you provide drinks during the party?

We have Orange or Blackcurrant juice available which we serve when we do the chocolate fountain.

As the Parent of the birthday child will I need to do anything during the party?

We don’t expect you to do anything other than supervise the kids we will have 2 members of staff running the party for you. If you wish to help the kids then we are happy for you to do that, younger ones (5-7 year olds) tend to need a bit more help and many hands make light work. Parents tend to like helping out too!

What ages are the parties suitable for?

The children need to be able to write their name and hold a piping bag. The Chocolate Block is suitable for 6-10 year old. The Fairy tale is suitable for 6-8 years old and The Ultimate Chocolate is suitable for 6-106! The Ultimate Truffle is suitable for 12 – 102!

What ages are your Chocolate workshops suitable for?

All our workshops depend on what we are doing in them. We will put a suitable age in the description of each workshop. Please note that these are only a guide and can vary from child to child.

Are you able to cater for dietary requirements?

Our Chocolate is gluten free, however the Fairy-tale party does use ice-cream cones that aren’t gluten free.

We  are not 100% nut free due to using nuts within our factory. We don’t put any nuts out in the parties.

Unfortunately our chocolate isn’t Diary free. Dark Chocolate is diary but as we use it in the same vicinity of our white & milk chocolate we can’t guarantee it 100%.

If you have any dietary requirements please let us know before the party so we can try and cater for them. We are unable to do so if you tell us on the day.