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Amelia’s Story

Who are we?

Handmade Chocolatier, Scarborough

Amelia’s Chocolate is a thriving little shop in Scarborough, run by Amelia Scholey with plenty of  help from her enthusiastic staff and unending support from her family, who are always there for her.

Started in her home kitchen in 2011, Amelia spent her days dreaming up chocolates, her evenings making them, and her weekends selling them at craft fairs and farmers markets. By 2013 she was ready to open her very own shop, and now we are a small team dedicated to dreaming, creating and perfecting chocolates that will make you smile.

The Team

  • Amelia, who is the brains, the brawn and the beauty, too
  • Granny, who is always there to lend a hand,
  • Elly, who is always coming up with fun and creative ideas,
  • Millie, who never stops laughing,
  • Sophie, who will never let you down, and
  • Lou, who does whatever is left to do!

Read more about Amelia’s Story here

What do we do?

Chocolate, coffee, workshops, parties, events…. and always something new!

We say our chocolates are made with 100% love, and we really mean it, from start to finish! We love creating new chocolates with a Yorkshire Coast flare, whether it’s working with local businesses like Wolds Way Lavender on our Lavender Drops, or our seaside themed chocolates like Chocolate Fish and Chips. Every chocolate we make is hand poured, hand piped or hand dipped, with care and attention to make sure every single one looks as good as they taste. Which is great, if we do say so ourselves! Come and see if you agree (and have a Bay Town Coffee while you’re here).

We also think that we shouldn’t be the only ones to have all the fun, that’s why we run Chocolate Workshops every school holidays, each with a different theme. We couldn’t leave out all you grown ups either, so we also run Truffle Workshops and Night-Out Parties. If you like chocolate and you like being creative then this is just the thing for you!

Keep an eye out for our special Tasting Nights and our stall at events around Yorkshire.

Chocolate Fish and Chips for Scarborough Business Awards
Great Taste Awards 2013 for our Hand Piped Milk Chocolate Peppermint Crisps
Scarborough UK 2014 Bronze Award
Children's Parties
Truffle Workshop

“Always enjoy my visits to this lovely chocolate shop. The staff are helpful and friendly and chocolates are all hand made on site. Can never decide between the award winning milk chocolate peppermint crisps or the dark chocolate ones, always end up buying both!”

Elaine, North Yorkshire

Handmade with 100% love

Our Chocolate

The best Belgian chocolate, tempered in Scarborough

All our chocolate is made from Callebaut callets which, we think you’ll agree, is the finest Belgian chocolate. Not only does it taste fantastic but it is also 100% sustainably grown. Callebaut’s “Growing Great Chocolate” program also guarantees a fair price for the farmers’ cocoa beans, access to education, healthcare and clean water for the farmers’ families and help to make sure they can grow the best cocoa beans possible. All of which leaves us with chocolate that tastes and feels fantastic.

Calletbaut Growing Great Chocolate Program