A Chocolate & Beer Tasting Evening and our review of some Chocolate Beers

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Father’s Day is fast approaching so we have devised a perfect evening and blog for Dads out there.

Chocolate and Beer Tasting Evening

On Saturday 22nd June at 7pm here at Amelia’s Chocolate we are hosting a Chocolate and Beer Tasting Evening. During the evening we will be tasting and matching 5 different beers and Chocolates. The beers will all be locally brewed Real Ales. Tickets must be purchased in advance £12 per person so drop by the shop on Aberdeen Walk, give us a call to book your places or book online here. It should be a fun night.

Before the Chocolate and Beer Tasting evening, we thought it would be fun to review some of the Chocolate Beers currently available. As you can imagine we had no shortage of volunteers for this job, but the task fell to Dave and Tom. Dave is Amelia’s husband, who is a Real Ale aficionado and Tom who is our talented Chocolatier.

Opinions and scores for our Chocolate Beer review:

Young’s Double Chocolate Stout – Young’s have combined Chocolate Malt and real dark chocolate to make this dark beer. This one can be found on the shelves of most supermarkets. They both like it and said that the chocolate flavour is subtle. 7/10

Saltaire Triple Choc – this is a dark beer which complements English Fuggle hops with rich Chocolate decadence. Our tasters say this is a lighter beer and more Chocolatey than the Young’s one. It is made in Saltaire Brewery which is based in Shipley, Bradford – 9/10

North Riding Chocolate & Fudge Porter – North Riding is a local Brewery and pub based in Scarborough. Our tasters found this to be less chocolatey than the others but nonetheless very drinkable – 7/10

Brew York TonKoko  – This is a Vanilla and coconut flavour ale with the chocolate flavour coming from the Tonka beans that give the beer its name. Both of our tasters gave this one the thumbs up – 9/10

Wold Top Marmalade Porter – The Wold Top beer is a rich dark porter with a sweet malty base and hints of coffee, orange and chocolate. This Porter is also Gluten free this one and we sell it in the shop! – 7/10

If you have tried a Chocolate beer, we would love to know which one it was and what you thought of it, comment with your thoughts below.

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