National Hot Chocolate Day 2019

National Hot Chocolate Day takes place 31st January … and here at Amelia’s Chocolate, we want to mark this special day with some thoughts as to how to make the perfecthot chocolate. 

Of course, any day can be a hot chocolate day … we use the finest Belgian Chocolate … and fresh milk … read on for more delicious details!

In the bottom, place 25g of Amelia’s Chocolate drops – choose from milk, dark and white. Yummy!

Heat up 200ml of fresh, frothy milk in a saucepan (or use a microwave-proof jug and heat up safely in the microwave).

When just below the boil, carefully remove the saucepan and pour two thirds of the milk onto the chocolate drops.

Place the saucepan on a heatproof mat or stand.

Give the chocolate a good stir with a spoon, then pour in the rest of the hot milk.

Add a syrup of your choice … gorgeous!

Sit back, relax and enjoy.

And while you’re enjoying your warming treat, maybe spare a thought as to how one of our favourite hot beverages came about.

The history of chocolate goes back many centuries, but in the 1700s, the chocolate revolution spread across Europe including London.

Chocolate houses popped up across the capital and became hubs for well-to-do-folks to have a chat and some chocolate … a bit like our knit and a natter workshops here at Amelia’s!

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