The 4th Chocolate – Ruby

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I was really excited to be invited to the Callebauts New Ruby Chocolate Launch. It was a long day travelling to and from London but absolutely worth it.

Ruby Chocolate is their fourth chocolate creation – we already have white, milk and dark and now Ruby. This new Ruby variety is the first chocolate to be launched in 80 years, when their white chocolate was launched.

The cocoa bean itself is not a new bean but its processed in a different way to get the natural berry taste. The process can only be done from certain beans and they grown in Brazil, Ecuador and the Ivory Coast.

We will have this chocolate on sale from September 2018 and are planning on doing a Ruby Chocolate Tasting night in August. To be the first in Scarborough to taste this special and rare Ruby Chocolate, sign up to our newsletter here.

We are so looking forward to working with this brand new chocolate and creating some new products for you all to enjoy. The flavour of the Ruby will lend itself to lots of other flavour combinations to create some fabulous taste sensations.

Calletbaut Growing Great Chocolate Program

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