Hi we’re Sam and Nat , we’re both 10 and are going to try making our own chocolate lollies from the packs that Amelia sells in her shop.

We’re excited to see what they are like!

The instructions were quite easy to follow with a bit of help from mum!

We put the transfers on the tray and it was fun to dollop the melted chocolate on top, then we put the lolly sticks in place.

The worst bit was when we had to wait while the lollies set in the fridge, so we went to play on the trampoline.

When they were ready, it was cool to peel the lollies off the transfers, they tasted fab!

Amelia’s Chocolate would like to thank Sam & Nat for doing writing the blog for us and if you’d like to have ago at making these lollies you can purchase them here. They are great for making as gifts or just having in the cupboard for a rainy day activity.

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