Easter – Some Egg-Citing Traditions!

A totally egg-citing time this Easter!

Winter is hopefully on its way out as we prepare for Easter here at Amelia’s Chocolate! Visit our Easter Eggs workshop page and join in the fun!

Of course, a visit to Amelia’s this Easter and springtime should be part of the celebrations! Yet there are lots of different Easter activities which you can enjoy …

Easter Egg Hunt – as it sounds, it involves a game of hide and seek with chocolate eggs, either indoors or outdoors.

Those taking part will need something to put their eggs into – hey, the one and only time you can put your eggs all in one basket!

Easter Egg Rolling – this game involves a hard-boiled egg and the ability to roll it along a designated course, with the one that rolls the furthest being considered the winner. While this can be done outdoors, if this isn’t possible then you can mark out a short racecourse indoors and push the eggs along with your noses. First one ‘past the post’ is the winner.

Egg & Spoon Race – You will need a hard-boiled egg and a large spoon for each person, and something to mark the start and finish with. If anyone drops the egg from their spoon, they need to go back to the beginning and start again!

Easter Bonnet Making – or perhaps more accurately, Easter Hat Making! While this could be seen as a girl’s pastime, it’s easy to adapt it to making headgear for boys too. How about purchasing a headband and decorating it with feathers, like an Indian headdress? Or decorating a cowboy hat? Or perhaps creating a knight’s helmet?

So it’s a great time to enjoy some traditional games … but it’s always the best time of year to indulge in your favourite chocolate flavours and workshops here at Amelia’s Chocolate.

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