Mothers day this year is on Sunday 26th March which means gifts like fresh flower delivery are on their way and gifts like earrings and necklaces are hidden away! It is also the day that the clocks go forward so mums you even get an extra hour in bed – if the kids don’t wake you up!!

I have put this blog together so you can see what items we have got for your mum or any other lady that might need a treat this Mothers day.

Chocolate Butterflies in picture can be purchased here

There are always so many nice things you can get your mum for Mothers day but how about instead of just buying her something, you do something with her? We have a chocolate truffle workshop on Saturday 25th March at 10.30 am. It is £20 per person and not only will you make lovely chocolates but you will also be able to flavour one batch yourself. It is always so much nicer when something has been made for you.

Book here

Truffle Workshop

In our shop we have a wide range of gift boxes that we have made up for mothers day. They start from £8 and for up to £25. The boxes are truly beautiful and once the chocolate has all been eaten they can be kept and filled with memories.

If there isn’t what you want in a box we can make the boxes up especially for you.

We love our Mothers day window this year and it is getting a lot of feedback and people popping in the shop from it. Most of the products available in our window is only available in our shop due to how fragile they are to post. But you can always plan a trip to Scarborough to get your present for mum.

Once you’ve got your mum a bit of chocolate from us make sure you check out the other independent shops in Scarborough for a few more treats. Here are the ones I recommend:

  • Andrea Willis, Hanover Road – Lovely cards all hand drawn and can be personalised.
  • Rafferty’s, Bar Street – So many nice things that you won’t find in any other shop but one of my favourite is the makeup cases they do as they can be used for many things.
  • All About the Day, Bar Street – They have some wine scented candles that I reckon any lady who loves wine will love!
  • Bibelot Bee, Queen Street – Lots of quirky things.
  • Ten North Street, North St – They have some lovely plaques in here and also some jewellery that have sweet messages on them.

Chocolate flowers in picture can be purchased here

Box of Chocolate Flowers

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