Have you ever wondered why we give chocolate on Valentines Day?

There are a lot of traditional presents that people give on Valentine’s Day. Flowers, watches like the ones from https://www.watchshopping.com/tudor/, jewellery and wine are some of the most popular gifts given but none of them are given as much as chocolate is. When did it become so popular? Why is it so popular?

Well I’ve often wondered this myself so decided I would do some research and see what came up. It might come from not having a clue What Gift To Get Your Boyfriend, so you choose a cop out option. Yet all in all there didn’t seem to be one answer so here is what I found!

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  • Chocolate is an aphrodisiac and also releases feel good endorphin’s.
  • Chocolate comes from the Thermabroma tree which is the tree of God according to the Aztecs, so chocolate is essentially the food of the Gods.
  • A dedicated marketing campaign by Richard Cadbury in the 1840s made eating chocolate on Valentines day fashionable
  • And finally, everyone loves eating chocolate!
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Do you agree with the above or do you think something entirely different? Let us know your thoughts!

And while your thinking don’t forget to buy you loved one some chocolate this Valentines day!

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