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Last Saturday we held a Chocolate Apprentice Day for Westborough guides in Scarborough. It was a great day enjoyed by me, the leaders and the girls. We set the guides a challenge to come up with a new product for us which we told them it had to be  a chocolate drop and it could be either White, Milk or Dark. We put out a vast range of flavours and let them get creative.

I let them come up with 3 flavours, try them and from those 3 flavours pick the one which they wanted to make. There were a lot of interesting ones at this point ranging from Bacon & Maple syrup to Ginger Green Tea. Nobody liked the Bacon & Maple syrup and several people said it smelt like dog food so that was straight out the door! Cherry was a very popular flavour of the day and 4 out of the 6 groups had cherry in their final flavours.

One group were very inventive and as I’d said they could only try 3 flavours they picked 3 different ones and mixed them together giving them more options.

Part of the challenge was for them to temper the chocolate themselves following my instructions. There was only one group who tried to do it quickly and ended up with chocolate too thick – luckily i managed to rescue it and they could soon pipe there drops.

All the groups worked fabulously as a team with some people piping and some putting the toppings on before the chocolate set.

I know what you’re all thinking now – what flavours did they create?? This is the list of the teams and what flavours they used. Let us know which flavour you would of liked to have tried in our comments box at the bottom.

  • Poppy created Cherry Coke which was Milk Chocolate Cherry & Vanilla
  • HMLS Chocolate created Dark Forest which was White Chocolate Cherry, Blackcurrant and Blackberry Crunch
  • Just do it made Cherry Vanilla Dark which was Dark Chocolate Cherry & Vanilla
  • Polar Bears came up with Cherry Coke which was Dark Chocolate Cherry & Cola (they also got creative when piping the drops see picture)
  • Dragonflies created Tropical Surprise which used white Chocolate Blood orange, Mango, Passionfruit and Coconut.
  • Elephants created Maple Delight which was Milk Chocolate Maple Syrup with Caramel Fudge.

We finished the day off by all sitting down together and each group presenting there chocolate to us for tasting. Everyone voted for their favourite creation and that one will be going into production and available for sale very soon.

The Winner was HMLS Chocolate with their Dark Forest.

I’ll finish the blog now with a few quotes from the girls themselves about the day.  If you have a group that is interested in our team coming and running a chocolate apprentice day for your please get in touch with us here.

‘Today was really fun and I’ve loved every minute of it. I hope we can do it again sometime.’

‘It’d been great to have some fun with chocolate and I found it interesting mixing all the flavours up.’

“We really enjoyed Amelia’s Chocolate workshop. They were really helpful and showed us a lot of techniques to make chocolates. We really recommend it, as we had lots of fun and would like to do it again.”

by Ellerby & Connie

“In my opinion Amelia’s Chocolate workshop was amazing, because it was fun and a new experience. My favourite part was getting to make our own flavour of chocolate. I also enjoyed trying the divine chocolate. I think the price was very reasonable, I would recommend this to anybody who loves chocolate as much as we do. Thank you Amelia’

Elephant leader Tasha

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