We love nothing more than creating chocolate events around the things that are happening in our world so this summer it only seemed appropriate to hold a Chocolate Olympics. 

We held 2 Chocolate Olympics days, on the 8th and 15th August. We had a good turn out to both weeks with people of all ages joining in and coming from far and wide. Everyone made a Chocolate Medal and then competed in our various challenges. 

Chocolate Shuffle

This was a popular game with everyone getting 3 chocolate drops to slide down the table and score as many points as possible.

The winning score is: 260 by Matilda

The Great Chocolate Button sort

There was a tub of chocolate buttons all mixed up and it had to be sorted out in to the 5 different tubs in the fastest time.  We had a few competitive families that were cheering each over on to go faster/slower.

The winning time for this is: 36 seconds by Georgia

Chocolate Tower

We had a few pieces of our chocolate blocks on a tray and you had to build the tallest tower in 30 seconds. The key to this was to use the bigger blocks and make sure that they were connected correctly. A few towers collapsed just at the 30 second point so didn’t get measure very tall.

The tallest tower is: 15cm by Luke

Chopstick challenge 

This challenge tested your chopstick skills as you had to transfer 10 chocolate buttons to another pot only using the chopsticks. We had several that found this quite frustrating but they didn’t give up and went to the end. We’d like to give a special mention to our longest time of 11.10 by Tom  as he really wouldn’t give up which is true determination and there was giant cheer when he did finish. 

The quickest time is: 36 seconds by Charlotte

Congratulations to everyone who took part we hope you loved it as much as us. We would really appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to leave us a review on Tripadvisor 

The winners will all get a little prize which will need to be collected from our shop and we will contact you if you are winner. 

Don’t forget that we still have our Carnival workshop until the end of August so get yourself booked on so you don’t miss out.

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