My Scarborough: Scarborough Girl’s Home Town

AmeliaBeing a Scarborough girl, I love going out and about in my home town. Many people say there isn’t much to do but I personally think there’s loads to do and I’m lucky enough to live here.
Here is a few things that I love to do:

Peasholm Park.

I spent quite a bit of my childhood walking through here on my way home from the beach. There is the tree walk to do, dragon boats to go on and if you visit on the right day the naval warfare.  There is also a pond where my brother went to sail his miniature boats or remote control boats. There’s always lots of squirrels to be spotted.
Photo by Keith D
Peasholm Park

Scarborough Castle.

This is one of my favourite places as it has The best view of both bays in Scarborough. The Castle is also steeped in history and I love the History of Scarborough. There is a lovely tearoom up there and you might spot our chocolate in it.
Photo by Humphrey Bolton
Scarborough Castle

Harbour Bar.

This is the best ice-cream in town and you just can’t come to Scarborough and not have one! If you’ve got time go inside and treat yourself to a knickerbocker glory. You won’t regret it!
Harbour Bar Banana Split

Fairy Garden.

I was only made aware of thus recently and went up to see it recently. Opposite the clock tower there is a gate if you go throw it and walk round the grass there is a small fairy garden it is very cute and there’s a letter box you can post your letters to the fairies.
Fairy Garden

The Cowshed.

These guys haven’t been open that long but their burgers are AMAZING! It’s open from 5pm and is on the corner of St. Thomas Street, they do get busy so if you’re planning on going I’d recommend booking.
Photo from TripAdvisor
Cowshed Burgers

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