My Scarborough: A Jolly Holiday with Sophie

My Scarborough with Sophie

SophieI love living in Scarborough, it’s such a beautiful place and there are so many things to do! Here are my top 5 favourite places to be:

The Beach.

The beach is my favourite place in the world and I’m lucky enough to live five minutes away. I take my puppy as often as possible and she loves it just as much as me. I spent most of my summer holidays at the beach as a child and whatever the weather, it’s still my favourite place to spend my time today.

Clock Café / Italian Gardens Walk.

The Italian Gardens on South Cliff and the walkway down to the beach is my favourite part of Scarborough. Me and my family like to walk this way on a Sunday and stop off at the Clock Café for a sandwich before heading down to the beach. The flowers are so colourful and a stroll through the gardens is definitely my favourite way to spend a lazy afternoon.

Miniature Railway.

I LOVE the mini railway and it’s always my first choice of activity when friends and family come to stay – many of them forced against their will! I might be 22 but there’s still something exciting about waving at strangers as you pass and getting a touristy view of the best part of Scarborough.

‘Eat Me’.

‘Eat Me’ is my favourite place to eat in Scarborough. It’s always top of my list when organising to meet up with friends. You can’t beat the friendly service, reasonable prices and top quality food. It’s also just round the corner from us so make sure you drop in after a tasty lunch!

The Mere.

This is another place I love walking my dog. You always get the best photographs here and it’s so peaceful – except when the geese try and attack you.

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