You’ll never guess what flavour chocolate we had at our tasting night!

Tasting Night Flavours

There was one big surprise at our Tasting Night on Thursday to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. A very divisive chocolate that it seems you either love it or you hate it…. No, not marmite, it was BACON! A few lovers but lots of haters! There were a lot of other flavours too that our team came up & fancied trying. We made some small batches to see which worked and these are what we used on Tasting night:

White Chocolate Raspberry
White Chocolate Blackcurrant
White Chocolate Lemon Meringue

Strawberry & Lime

Milk Chocolate Smoked Bacon

Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel
Dark Chocolate Liquorice
Dark Chocolate Blackcurrant and Liquorice

All the white chocolate drops scored well but the Lemon Meringue made 1st place. Bottom of the table was the Smoked Bacon with only 2 people liking it at all. Another firm favourite of the night was Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel.

We will be producing the top few as part of our Limited Editions so keep your eyes peeled for when there on sale.

We also held a grab Raffle which everyone enjoyed pinching the prizes off each other until all numbers were called. Amelia’s Chocolate donated the prizes for this. Altogether we raised £55.50 for the British Heart Foundation, so thank you very much to everyone who came, your opinions and generosity are both very much appreciated!

If this sounds like fun – and it should! – we will be doing another tasting night on 19th May for Scarborough Mind. Book online here and let us know what you would like to try in the comments box!

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