Amelia’s Chocolate go to London

Amelia's Chocolate Challenge

Last weekend, Amelia, Lou and myself travelled down to London to visit the famous Chocolate Show held there every year. The fact we would also get to see the finals of the Great British Spiced Chocolate Challenge made us very excited and we had our fingers crossed our Winter Spice Chocolate drops would make it through to the final.

Amelia travelled down on the Wednesday as she was doing a tasting day in Selfridges on the Thursday with our lovely, warming Winter Spice Chocolate Drops. Lou and I followed on the Friday ready for a weekend of chocolate fun. After a very early start we arrived in London and jumped on the bus to meet Amelia at the Olympia Centre. And what a bus journey! We’d have seen less of London if we’d been taken on a tour. It was a great start to the weekend.

Amelia at Selfridges
Amelia at the Chocolate Show

Here is Amelia doing what she does best at Selfridges. It was such an achievement for us to have our chocolates on sale in Selfridges during Chocolate week. We never imagined we’d get this far in the competition so for Amelia to be able to sample her chocolate there was amazing.

When we arrived at the Chocolate Show we found Amelia hard at work (as always) on the Spiced stand. We had a few hours before the semi-finals so we dragged her away to have an explore. On our way round the Chocolate Show we got to try chocolate wine, chocolate cheese and so many other chocolate samples we felt sick.  Our favourite stall was Madame Oiseau, a chocolate shop in Kent very similar to ours. We loved their figures and packaging and we couldn’t stay away.

Madame Oiseau
Chocolat Chocolat
Chocolate Tree

The Semi Finals

Unfortunately we didn’t make it through to the finals with our Winter Spice but it was really interesting to see who did and we were very proud of some of the other semi-finalists we had met during the weekend, including Little Black Cat Gourmet and Rivington Chocolates. I think Amelia has made some friends for life. We also got an exclusive performance from brand new boy band The Spice Boys and we still have their song stuck in our heads now!

We finished our Friday off with a lovely meal at Café Rouge where Lou treated us to a bottle of champers after a successful day. Isn’t she lovely?!

GBSCC Judging
The Spice Boys

On Saturday…

We headed back to the show to watch the finals of the Spiced Challenge. It was so nice to see people enjoying our samples and buying bags to take home. I was very proud of Amelia and how far she had come with this creation. The finals were exciting and a new set of judges meant a twist on what they were looking for. The winner was 19 year old Zara Snell with her Moroccan Rose truffle. Congratulations to Zara and thank you to everybody who bought a bag of our Winter Spice and supported us during this competition. It has been a really fun experience and has taught us to be more creative and daring.

On Sunday…

We went to watch Hideko Kawa’s Chocolate Afternoon Tea demonstration. She made cake pops, chocolate scones, chocolate tea and coronation chicken macaroons all with a Japanese twist. She was really sweet and fun to watch and we all got to try her tasty treats afterwards. Definitely the highlight of the weekend!

The fashion show was also amazing with some spectacular dresses made from real chocolate. Amelia and I stuffed our faces with the gooiest chocolate brownies you’ve ever seen while we watched. I think I ate enough chocolate that weekend to last a lifetime.

Hideko Kawa's Japanese Afternoon Tea Garden
Amelia and Sophie enjoy their chocolate brownie
Chocolate Fashion Show

Our weekend in London was really fun and it made us realise that our little shop in Scarborough isn’t too shabby at all and we REALLY love what we do, creating good. honest chocolate for our loyal customers.

Sophie x

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